The Pool is Open!

Sorry this Hot Chick isn’t me!!

Yeah!!!  You don’t appreciate something until it is gone!

The pool I normally use has been closed for two weeks.  I didn’t use it as much as I should, but damn it I want the option to swim when I want to!  That’s right I want what I want when I want it!  I never claimed to be mature.  Also I hate to admit it but I missed my swimming buddy even though she splashes me in the face!

But here we are a ray of sunshine to brighten my day.  The pool is opening back up early.

Happy Dance!  Happy Dance! Happy Dance!

I bet that water is Cold!

Update:  The water was perfect.  The swim really fixed up my knee a lot and I walked 3.5 km without any complaints from it and for two days running my swim buddy did not splash me in the face!  Ah!  What a great weekend!


The Pool is Open! — 2 Comments

    • I’ll be there I hope body willing, splashing water in Cindy’s face, now Cindy do I really do that, I actually bully the people away from our special lane arrangement so they stay out of your way, I am on your side girl

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