The Art of Conversation

Hey everybody!  Therese agreed to write another article for my blog!  Therese is that gal who’s voice usually rings out loud and clear when you are pussy footing around a problem and getting no place.  She just cuts right through all the baloney and says “Why don’t you just …?” And I say “Oh … yeah that will work.” Solutions with no drama!  Feel free to use that one on your business card Therese.

The Art of Conversation According to Therese Lane

Cement child budha in robe pushing against a tree trunk in a garden. TranquilI am finding out for probably the first time in my life, that contrary to my belief, people can actually converse, listen, laugh and tolerate me without any ulterior motives.  I in turn am learning that (a), I basically like most people and (b) it is okay to ask for…almost anything really. So did I think that there was a school that taught this “fine art”? Obviously I did!  I have noticed that there are no actual rules or regulations and that it is quite painless to just be myself.

There is a saying that “You believe you are what you are told you are” so if like myself you grew up being told you’re useless and worthless, then I guess that in normal day to day interactions that other people seem to find so easy I would naturally be daunted in the extreme!  As if I wasn’t the equal of anybody else present!

So as each day brings new learning experiences, a few things have stuck with me.

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for something you need

2. Not everyone is going to agree with you or like you and that is okay too.

3. Those who care matter…those who don’t care don’t matter.

4. Be true to yourself.

5. It is okay to say “No”.

And probably the greatest thing I have learnt is that  normal does not exist, everyone has hang ups whether aware of them or not, so in essence we are all struggling together, so we need to be kind and allow each other to make mistakes and not to judge anyone for being what we may perceive to be different.


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