The Pool is Open!

Yeah!!!  You don’t appreciate something until it is gone! The pool I normally use has been closed for two weeks.  I didn’t use it as much as I should, but damn it I want the option to swim when I want to!  That’s right I want what I want when I want it!  I never claimed to be mature.  Also I hate to admit it but I missed my swimming buddy even though she splashes me in the face! But here we are a ray of sunshine to brighten my day.  The pool is opening back up early. Happy Dance!  Happy Dance! Happy Dance! I bet that water is Cold! Update:  The water was perfect.  The swim really fixed up my knee a lot and I walked 3.5 km without any complaints from it and for two days running my swim buddy did not splash me in the face!  Ah!  What a great weekend!

You’re doing it all wrong!

I’m sure you have heard the saying that “a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing”.  Well that is my topic for today.  People have a tendency to become very invested in the bit of knowledge they have and are unable to see that there are other ways of doing things and other experiences out there. My personal pet peeve is when I am discussing a success I have had in some area of my life and I get the “You are doing it all wrong”.  I had success, how can it be all wrong.  Ahh, I didn’t do things the same way as my companion did.  I got from point A to B by a different route and apparently my way is full of as yet unidentified pit falls.  It can be frustrating trying to get a person to understand that you are different than they are and that what works for them may not work for me.  Their path may be shorter and smoother for most but maybe not for me.

The GYM Revealed

I am going to tell you the true tale about my first days at the gym.  It may seem unlikely.  I certainly was wondering what was going on at the time! The company I worked for offered all employees a free membership at any gym as long as you went to the gym at least 2 days a week.  How could I say no?  At 446 pounds we all knew that I needed to get to the gym more than any other employee. I visited the big chain gym that some of the other employees liked.  I had an evaluation and during the evaluation I had a chance to see how the gym functioned.  Even though they gave me a three month free membership I never went back.  Nobody was mean to me, but I could see that these people were all in a hurry and anybody including me was in their way.  I felt unwelcome.