Punxsutawney Phil lies!


Punxsutawney Phil lies!

Punxsutawney Phil lies!

Guess what the weather forecast is for tomorrow?  Ice pellets and snow!  Gahhh!  This spring, winter spring thing we are having is getting to me.  I don’t like the spring, that is when my sleep patterns get all messed up.  That is when I am constantly too cold then too hot.  I need a good sleep and I am tired of going to bed cold and waking up in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat or waking up frozen after falling asleep comfortable.  I say STOP!  I like having different weather as much as the next guy but I don’t want to visit all four seasons in a single week.

Well I guess I better get in a lunch time walk today while I can.  That must be the take away message here.  Take every opportunity that comes your way ‘cause somebody will likely snow on your parade tomorrow!

Update:  Oh Dear!!  Joyce has shared some sad news with us.

Wiarton Willie found dead!

Wiarton Willie, the King of the Groundhogs was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted Gunshot wound after predicting an early spring.
LYING LITTLE BASTARD! never had a chance.


Puxatawny Phil gets his next!!!


Punxsutawney Phil lies! — 9 Comments

    • Forget a trial and hanging. I just want him fired with cause and replaced with a ground hog that can do the job. I’m willing to give him severance based on years of service.
      He has only one job to do and he messed it up!

  1. Sometimes when we are dealing with boxes to pack and redeye flights to catch and mail that doesn’t get forwarded and missing friends and family and diminished professional opportunities, I think, hmm, are we crazy to uproot our lives every six months just to escape crappy weather and live in perpetual summer?

    Then I am reminded what normal people put up with…

    Good for you for grabbing fitness opportunities when you have them!

  2. Nah! It wasn’t the weather hog. It was his handler for not interpreting Phil’s very clear signals of seeing his shadow. 🙂

    Phil can do no wrong!

  3. Wow Cindy, the penis enlargement spammers (see above go to “Mike” link), have now infiltrated your site, that must be some sort of milestone/achievement that your site is spam worthy, spammers would only go to post on high traffic sites
    As always your loyal non spam devoted blog fan – Estelle

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