Positive Thinking

B for Brilliant, Bright and Bombshell!

This morning I was not at my best working out with my trainer.  Oops! Positivity!  Uh, it wasn’t even close to being my worst workout.  My positive attitude lasted right up until the half way point when I got tired.  That’s when I started paying a lot of attention to how hard the exercises were and how much I had left to do and how hot and sweaty I was.  I began to think there was no way I could do all this and besides I didn’t want to do it and it was hard.  At that is when my stomach decided to revolt.  I have a lot of tummy troubles and it is a real barometer for what is going on in my head.  It is also a great cop out when I get negative.  Am I really feeling too green to do more or am I using it as an excuse!  Anyway at this point I stopped and took a rest but was now convinced that I could not reset and get back in the game.  Yep!  I got exactly what I expected.My trainer switched me over to my go to exercise that I am always certain I can do.  Then we tried something harder and then another exercise that was more challenging and I forgot my troubles and performed well.  He tricked me into changing the way I thought and everything got a lot better.  The poor man should have a PhD. in Psychology.

Yeah, My secret persona is Witchy Poo! Don’t mess with me our I’ll turn you into a frog!

So what am I going to do differently for my next session?  After two to three sets I am going to go into the telephone booth in my mind break out my super hero persona and start thinking about the exercises as a challenge thrown down by my trainer.  I’m going to complete each one and grin at that poor sap.  I am going to concentrate on my breathing and on the muscles that I am working and not on how far I have to go.  I am also going to have a contingency plan.  I am bringing my music with me in case I just can’t get that little gremlin in my head to quiet down.  I’ll drown him out with some kick ass music.  If I still can’t get it together then I am doing my go to magic exercise (climbers) and then I am doing something harder after that.  That’s the best I can do right now and it is good enough!

Update: I may not have thought I put in my best effort but today (Friday) my inner thighs and butt are screaming.  I really need to buy myself that hot tub!

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