Please Sir Can I Have Some More!

Brown bear on his hind legs looks like he is dancing with his head thrown back

Yep thats right I got moves!

Hey there folks!  Getting my second wind under my sails!  Yeah!  Maybe that morning coffee has finally kicked in.  Had a major mid-day energy dip.  Can’t imagine why!

I was given permission, no ordered if you want to know the truth to brag today on my blog about my amazing performance this morning! Uh Huh!  Thanks Fredelle!

This “I can do a little more rule” is really powerful stuff.  Last week my trainer suggested that the reason I have been kicking butt lately was that I had two weeks of 7AM sessions with him instead of 6AM.  Back to 6AM sessions this morning so when I met him I immediately threw down the challenge. “Let’s see if it’s the time or my awesomeness that has made the difference”.  Well I had to do my best after that arrogance!  We had a couple hiccups when I got distracted or let a negative thought roll through my brain.  My trainer got me back on course by reminding me to focus.  Well when it was all over we both agreed that was my best workout since I was injured a year ago.  What was the difference?  I knew I could do it!  I growled through squats like a dog guarding his bone.  I believed that as long as I concentrated on my breathing and hand motions I wouldn’t tip over doing lunges and I asked for more and harder on my rows and push ups.

Brown bear on his hind legs looks like he is dancing with his head thrown back

Goin’ the opposite direction now that’s talent!

You know what I did when my session was over?  I did a little more!  I gabbed with the gals and then at 357 Lbs a tried those bench dips that I have never done.  My trainer had described how many people just do shoulder shrugs not real dips so I watched myself in the mirror.  Well it wasn’t a shrug, went lower than that.  My butt only went to within a foot of the floor before I came back up, but I think it was legit.  Tried a second one.  Same thing!  Did a third. Oh! OK my butt is a foot off the floor, I refuse to drop to the floor.  I’m stuck!  OK play around with the hands.  Wider stance on the hands.  Nope!  Lean to the right.  Nope!  OK get tough!  GRRrrreat! I’m up!  How do I get my butt onto the edge of the bench?  Scouch!  Wiggle! Wiggle! If I could just get an inch of one cheek on that bench.  Ahhh! Made it!  WHAT!! Nothing to see here!  Sheesh, like they’ve never seen a girl do a bench dip!  Time to go brag some more! Uh to people who didn’t see the show!


Please Sir Can I Have Some More! — 2 Comments

  1. What a wonderful accomplishment: You fought with yourself and won! You are just getting better and better all the time. I am proud of you. Keep going because you inspire us too.

  2. Yup. It’s often the case that when we fully concentrate and muster some determination, we can do a good bit more than we previously believed possible. Great going! 🙂

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