Oxytocin Could Boost Social Sensitivity

Huh! What?

I was doing a little research for an article titled “Sex will kill you! 100% Guaranteed” and I came upon an interesting study on Oxytocin.

The study is titled “The Oxytocin enhances pupil dilation and sensitivity to ‘hidden’ emotional expressions.”  Here’s the link.


and here’s a quote

“the hormone may act on the brain by literally focusing visual attention on important social information and making it seem more distinct. But the effect was most pronounced in people who started out with difficulty reading social cues.”

Cool, I could use this it seems like I am always the person looking around wondering what I am missing.  I never clue in that there is a problem until I have an entire group of friends either glaring or staring at me.

On a side note Oxytocin is nick-named the “cuddle chemical” or the “love hormone”.  Oh yuck!  Are they going to market it with little Precious Moments characters?

“oxytocin could help, by encouraging cooperation in men and making women behave more approachably”

I know this should be a Precious Moments picture, but I’m not going to do that! Those sad sack figurines are the worst!

Here are some more Links on the topic;

Should the Love Hormone Oxytocin Be Used in Couples’ Therapy?

Could the ‘Cuddle Chemical’ Oxytocin Improve Male Sexual Function?

Long-term oxytocin administration improves social behaviors in a girl with autistic disorder

Huh?  You want to know about sex and death?  Oh Um, I really am working on an article about that.  I’ll let you know when it is ready.


Oxytocin Could Boost Social Sensitivity — 10 Comments

    • I am mobilizing an intervention right now! Just step away from the ledge! Don’t let those crazy tear drop shaped eyes on the figurines bring you down.

  1. Haha! I get the same looks from my friends. I never get that my comments are inappropriate until they escape my mouth or someone gives me the hairy eyeball.

    The world could probably use an oxytocin injection right abouts now!

    I love that you thought puppy anus shot was a precious moment! My god I laughed my ass off.

    OK now biz – thanks for the funny and cheery comments on my old posts. I like to see it when people read or enjoy the old stuff.

      • I have another comment because I am never tired of listening to my own thoughts.
        I was looking for a “Precious Moments” picture for this story. I was sure somebody would have photoshopped those twits trolls sweet little children in an unflattering pose. Nope!
        After looking at various pictures of these children who appear to be maybe 6 years old. I want to know what’s up with all the pregnant Sally Precious figurines. That bump looks legit!!! Precious my butt more like precocious!

    • Ooh I don’t know. There is not caring what others think and then there’s being the bull at the BBQ who embarrasses the host. My exuberance can sometimes spill over onto other people’s good time and that just ain’t right!

      • Admittedly, I never encountered you at a party, but I can’t quite believe you are the proverbial bull. That honor is usually reserved for people who never even spare a thought about how their behavior affects others.

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