OK I’m back!!

Seven bably turles covered in sand crawling to edge of the ocean on a beach.

Leaving 2012 a mess and entering 2013 refreshed!

No more messin’ around!  I have not written a single article in December unbelievable!  Yeah! Yeah!  I have lots of excuses one of which is biting me in the back right now, but that is not a good enough reason to be neglecting my blog.

So what have I learned in December… Hmmmm.  Well sitting around feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t get you anyplace.  That is one of my go to comfortable places.  Somehow I have it stuck in my mind that when you are in trouble if you just hide in your cave and don’t move it can’t get any worse.  The reality for me is that I need to drag myself over to the pool and move.  Clears out the garbage rolling around in my brain and gets the physical parts working.  At least I didn’t eat too much junk and actually I did get to the pool some.  I have some good friends that kicked my arse repeatedly.  Thanks guys!  Still working on it!

Before you suggest that I make a New Year’s resolution, I’m going to stop you right there.  I don’t do well with that stuff.  It comes from being a brat.  If you say I can’t or I must I will stomp my feet and fight the rule at the expense of everything else.  Instead I have to think about giving myself the gift of eating what makes me feel good and doing what makes me feel good.  The gym is not a place of exercise but a spa designed to clean and worship my body and mind.  I go there to defeat the equipment and sweat out the toxins.  Sheesh this is getting to be a little much on the whoo whoo!  Better stop my blather here and make a plan for 2013!

Goin’ out of 2012 a mess and into 2013 refreshed!



OK I’m back!! — 6 Comments

    • 8AM New Years Day in the pool be their! I will. Hopefully it will not be too much of a crush as I plan to show off my backstroke. Which is basically driving while blind!

  1. Happy New Year Cindy!! My December was a strange one too..coupled with that N-A-S-T-Y virus which left me in bed during the holidays. I miss the Y and look forward to like you said, “a spa designed to clean and worship my body and mind” Here’s to an AWESOME 2013!

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