Not Gonna Grow Up … Much

Princess Poopy Pants

Princess Poopy Pants

Listen! Here is the deal as I have understood it from about the age of 5. I’m 51 now and I really resent getting told “Nope, your rules are all wrong”. (That was my inner voice saying that, in case you wondered. You can tell ‘cause It always says “Nope”, “HuH” and “Eh”. Anyway, my understanding was that I had to follow the rules and do what I was told (unless I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to get caught breaking them)until I was 18 and then I was an adult and I gained sweet freedom. No bedtime. No carrots. No underwear or shoes and all the bad words you wanted stuffed in one sentence. I confess I have reveled in it! I hear my married friends talking about all they have to do in an evening and I think and often say “You know what I’m doing tonight? Whatever I want!!”

Sounds pretty great Huh! It is, but, trying to steer this luxury cruise ship of fun down the Panama Canal of things that responsible people should do on a regular basis. Yikes!! I am pro at spinning this ship in donuts while tossing my garbage over the side. The responsible stuff is scary and it never seems to pay out dividends fast enough. I have thrown up a few stop gap measures like hiring somebody to clean up my mess or forgoing treats that have too much post fun cleanup. Ultimately long term success involves changing my thinking and changing the rules.

Yeah I'll ride the flaming motor-snail any time I want!

Yeah I’ll ride the flaming motor-snail any time I want!

Blah! I have had many “this is the last time, final, ignore the responsibilities blowout blasts” followed by hours to a few months of changed behavior and I’m kind of fed up!

So one small change. What should it be? Start riding my bike to work? Chuck every piece of clothing that doesn’t fit me and figure out what actually is in my closet? Go back on having my food delivered by a nutritionist? Start experimenting with those easy 10 minute meal recipes I have collected for years and never used?  No sugar!  I know as far as you knew I had that beat.  Lasted a little more than 3 months.  I felt great and now that I have fallen off the wagon the cravings are back and bad!

OK I can ride my bike on the weekend to the gym and see how that goes and I can try that frozen yogurt place that serves kefir and see if that with some fruit feels like I had chocolate and I can fill one garbage bag with clothes for charity.  Anything more than that and I lose my spoiled princess credentials!

Thanks to Joyce for throwing down the challenge.  I don't care if I am easily manipulated.  I beat her and I'll do it again!

Thanks to Joyce for throwing down the challenge. I don’t care if I am easily manipulated. I beat her and I’ll do it again!


Not Gonna Grow Up … Much — 11 Comments

  1. Boy do I recognize that whole “screw it don’t tell me what to do” thing. Currently trying to get my rebellious self to buckle down and establish a healthier summer routine. Thanks for the inspiration!

    I believe I might have to reaquaint myself with the dreaded My Fitness Pal. Shudder….
    crabby mcslacker recently posted…Cranky Fitness Goes to Hong KongMy Profile

    • So many people love that App and I have resisted. Maybe I should see what the excitement is about.

      I have been making commitments to see people at the gym left, right and center since this article. You know I am going to burn out like this. Better book a massage or something.

  2. I was such a rebel. No one could ever tell me what to do. And still no one can tell me what to do. I will ask for help/advice if I need it, but rarely do I ever ask because I always think “I got this” or “I’m stronger than this and asking for help shows that I am ‘weak'”…. Ha!

    But hey, since YOU want to make these changes and NO ONE ELSE but YOU is telling you… Then MORE POWER TO YOU!
    GiGi Eats recently posted…Recipe Fail? You Be The Judge!My Profile

    • Many people want to tell me what to do. That is my next article.

      I may just take up wearing the fish bowl of silence but I guess that is what an MP3 player is for.

    • You know after I saw you this morning being all hard-core I had to add a yoga class to my schedule. Usually I am cursing Javier for my sore legs but you may get the blame this time.
      No!!! It is never my fault and those stairs! They are more horrifying than ever. I haven’t gone to the 4th floor in years.

  3. As someone who grew up with a LOT of strictly enforced rules I couldn’t wait to ditch all of them – grad school was fun at the time but looking back I’m fortunate it didn’t end badly!!! Now I try to keep rules to a minimum and just make choices that truly make me feel good (and happy).
    Kim recently posted…The Courage to be DifferentMy Profile

    • If I think about what is going to make me the best I can be now and make me feel the best then that often will lead me to make good decisions. The rebellious part of me may demand that after I have finished my good works I get to start messing about again.

  4. One of the major problems with the behavior you describe in your blog (of which I am guilty of), i.e. breaking rules, etc. is that it leads one to be a slave to their freedom

  5. I am a producer with Indigo Films. We are currently putting together a new series for TLC re-telling the stories of people who have struggled with the ups and downs made incredible weight-loss transformations (whether or not those transformations lasted). I’d love to discuss the project with you and your story. Please reach out to me at or call 415-444-1738

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