New Year’s Resolutions

Bucking horse in the air above a cowboy that is on his face on the ground.

Nope that’s not my style, but you go ahead!

Bah Humbug!

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.  I have found that I work best setting daily goals and assessing how I did as I wait to fall asleep each night.  If I feel I came up short on a day then I try to push a little more the next day.  If that doesn’t happen, I’m fine with it I just start fresh and forget the past.  I know it seems like the slackers life plan but it works for me.  I find even weekly goals are too far away and vacuous.  Using visual representations for my goals like a gold star for each job completed or a monetary reward just doesn’t grab me.  I can be a competitive person in the moment and that can help me in a tough workout but generally I don’t care who wins the race or gets the prize.  Don’t think that didn’t drive some of my coaches crazy.

My daily goal is just to stay in my healthy routine and once the routine is solid experiment with some additions or subtractions.  When things got too far off the rails go back to the basics and get the routine running solid again.

The reason I am talking about resolutions is that I find this time of the year difficult.  People want to know my resolution; they want to press me into setting some grand goal.  They want to help me (evil people).  I get questions about my lifestyle and how I can do better.  I know what they are saying but, in the back of my mind what I hear is JUSTIFY YOURSELF!   I get assertions that they will help me reach my grand goal.  I don’t want to shoot people down or make them feel bad but this doesn’t help me and well it is all about ME.  Why can’t people adjust all their conversations to conform to Cindy’s needs?  Sheesh!

Michelle Tanner from Full House


I’m the tortoise.  Slow and steady, no big risks, happy with my small successes.  Other people have had great success changing their lives through other methods.  That’s great and may be worth trying for somebody else.  I know what works for me and I am running on my timeline!


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  1. Did I send you the article about not discussing your resolutions? And that’s period including whether you made them or not.keep em guessing I say.

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