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I'm now the late night office zombie

I’m now the late night office zombie

Today I began my new lifestyle of decadent, relaxed living.  I hope!  NO!  I know!!!!  New Lifestyle.  It sounds like a new magazine with me in my lazy-boy on the cover.
When I decided that going back to swimming more often was the key to getting results with my fitness and stress I also decided to put in a request at work to switch my hours to Noon to 8PM and they said yes.  I know I was shocked as well.  I mean I don’t mess around too much but I didn’t know if the decision makers knew that.  Of course I started this experiment right after we had a time change so my body is going to figure I am working from 1PM to 9PM.  I’ll will likely be a complete zombie by the last hour.

Ahh!! The possibilities!

Ahh!! The possibilities!

This new plan will allow me to swim during the golden hours between 9AM and 11AM when my pool is not as crazy.  Hmmm!  No more lady who can’t see at all and has invented a number of flailing strokes that I can’t identify.  I have developed defensive moves for much of what she does but I always forget the hand flick at the end of her standing … butterfly which puts a torrent of water right up my nose.  Then there is the kicking Ooh and the long toenail scrape.  Ouch!!
Today I did have to move around the pool a bit to accommodate different areas that became over-crowded but, there were places to go!  I will confess I did make the error of getting in the fast lane which at the time had a slow swimmer in it.  When one of those pro swimmers came I tried to stick it out and just swim like my pants were on fire but I couldn’t keep it up.  I probably burned more calories in that 15 minutes than in the rest of the 1.45 hours I was in the pool.  Anyway the pro didn’t stomp me into an oil stain on the water so I may do that again.
I once had a pro swimmer do a flip turn on top of me doing my flip turn.  The guy never stopped to see if I was hurt.  I hope he doesn’t drive a car!  Yikes!  I thought the rule was you touch the person’s foot if you want to go by before a turn.  You can’t expect the person to know exactly where you are all the time.  Had I known he was there I would have gotten out of the way happily.  Oh well I guess it is the same everywhere there is always somebody who feels their workout is more important than anybody else’s.
The other benefit is that I no longer feel bad that after taking public transit from hell home I have always crawled into my lazy-boy and not moved for hours in the evening.  Now my commute will be less hellish and it will be almost bed time anyways when I get home.
Now I will actually be able to see the sun in the morning.  I can schedule the doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, plumber and handyman during the day instead of trying to get that elusive after work or weekend spot that everybody wants.  I can go skating in the morning when the rink is nice and not all beaten up by a days worth of people.  I have 2 new outdoor rinks right behind my house.  There was 2 rectangular rinks there before but, however they chilled those rinks had worn out somewhat and it was lumpy and thin in spots.  Now we have a rectangle that will probably be for hockey and skating lessons and a wavy circle for people that never want to have to learn how to stop.  I took skating lessons 2 years ago and finally learned how to stop after years of skating.  It isn’t that hard as it turns out.
Wow I sure do ramble around a lot.  So the big test this week will be to see if I can get through the dreaded 6 to 8PM work hours without too much suffering.

That was me last night but, I had a broom for banging against the ceiling.

That was me last night but, I had a broom for banging against the ceiling.

OH! Wait! Not done rambling especially since I have a good picture to share.  You may recall I had a raccoon problem and then I chased him away and he was run over by a car.  Now I have another one and this guy is not perturbed in the least by my ranting and yelling or the coyote pee repellent so I called a bunch of pest control companies none of whom returned my calls.  Finally, on Thursday I received a promise that the matter would be dealt with on Tuesday morning.  Well naturally the raccoon has since dug his way into my attic and made it into the space between the attic floor and the false ceiling of my bathroom.  Horrors!!  That drywall is the cheap kind.  Then last night he brought a girlfriend home and they partied until 2:30AM.  So yeah I’m a little scratchy eyed now.  I just have to make it one more day.  One more day!  It was a long weekend listening to my house being damaged and hoping that ceiling would hold.  When I get my house renovated I want cement board maybe titanium board everywhere.  No more cheap stuff!


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  1. That’s awesome that they let you switch your work hours!!! Sounds like you have a great plan – if the raccoons would leave you alone – that would probably freak me out!!!

    • Well that raccoon was not as smart as I thought. Pest control put a one way door made of strong mesh on the hole in my attic and that animal took 5 hours to figure out how to get out. For the last 2 hours he was freaking out. 3AM he is finally gone but my cat is all upset and wants to fight with my unwilling toes if I refuse to pet him. So I set the alarm for 6AM and I laughed because the cat let out such a complaining whine when it went off and I started to move. What a grouch!!

  2. I certainly hope it works out well for you! I must say, however, that although swimming feels good, I’d rather see it as a part of a workout plan. Perhaps coupled with strength training and walking. I have never seen anybody lose significant weight with just swimming, not yet anyway.

    • Dear Dr – I lost 100lbs from JUST swimming every day religiously, it took over 18 months to accomplish that, it has been over 11 years I have kept it off, please note that ONLY after 2 years of swimming and losing the weight I then started a weight/strength training and other cardio excercises

      • I think there is swimming and then there is SWIMMING. Some people float around having a spot of recreation and other people are working out. Both are great activities but only one will help you see some dramatic changes.

    • Oh I don’t just swim. I swim as well as walk and workout with a trainer. I did lose the first 100 Lbs swimming alone 6 years ago. It was when I tried to do other exercise instead of swimming that I stopped having success and started having injuries. I have kept most of that weight off but there has been a gradual slide going on in the wrong direction.
      So I guess we will see how this goes. If it doesn’t work I will get a new plan.

  3. I’m going to miss seeing you early-morning at the Y but I’m happy to hear your work is allowing you to change your schedule. Good for you for asking! They obviously want you to stay and be happy.

    I’m sorry to hear about your renewed raccoon problems. I guess the coyote urine wasn’t such a great idea…did you try panther urine? lol

    • I was looking at aged lion pee, the need to get the raccoon gone became an emergency once he actually got into my attic so I got the pest control guy to fix the problem. I did learn that I have a false ceiling over my bathroom that I didn’t know was there. Maybe I will take it out and put in a chandelier. Hmm, too much cleaning.
      I will still be at the Y early. Right now I am just trying to get used to the new schedule and the extra swimming that I have added to by schedule. In the future I will have time to add yoga and then eventually CycleFit. I still see the trainer at 6AM.

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