Morning Mojo!

Chihuahua sleeping on his back, tongue sticking out, front paws pulled in, back paws spread very wide

Not sleeping STRETCHING!!!

So you envy those nutty people that workout in the morning and arrive at work all chipper and ready to go.  Well I am one of those people most of the time.  Sometimes I lose my morning mojo, but I am determined to get it back.  It just makes everything else easier!!

I’m working on getting myself to the pool for 5AM from now on.  I did it in the past with great success and even now when I do accomplish it I feel much better and have less pain from my injuries.  It seems I have lost some of my early morning mojo.  I Wake up on time but I don’t get up!  I bargain and make promises to myself and change my mind.

At first a figured I needed a first thing in the morning mantra or maybe an inspiring song.  When I used to get up without a problem I had my One Thing Rule.  I thought maybe I should jump out of bed and yell “Today is going to be GRrrrreat” and do my best Tony the Tiger impression.  Tried it.  Nope! More Zombie Tony that Tiger Tony!  So I tried the morning song.  Borrow somebody else’s enthusiasm.  Karina and the Waves, Walking on Sunshine?  Nope, just reminded me it is hours before we will see the sun.  Katy Perry Firework?  “Baby you’re a Firework Come on show ‘em what your worth!”.  Nope I’m worth a few more minutes of shut eye.

Child's legs in shorts and rain boots jumping in large puddle

RAIN? Bring it!!!!

So I asked myself how I got out of bed for years at 4:15AM and often stood in a snow bank waiting for the bus.  Habit!!!!  I often didn’t really wake up until I got to my packed second of three buses.  That’s right packed at 4:45 in the morning.  Welcome to big city life!  So what I really need is a clear path from my wake up point to the front door.  The secret to waking up is not to fully wakeup until it is too late.  I just have to manage this enough days in a row that it is a habit.  Wish me luck!!  Awe It’s going to rain on me tomorrow too!  Challenge Accepted!


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  1. Can’t do it tomorrow, but if Cindy makes it tomorrow, I will make arrangements to get there for 5am Tuesday’ onwards, ……games on my “sultry swimming sisters “, I for one need this as motivation. Good Luck tomorrow Cindy

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