Mooday Link Storm Oct 1 2012

A group of people in shallow water jumping for joy

AHHHh!!! Biting crabs!!

Hey it’s Mooday not Moanday ‘cause I’m drinking my milk.  I know milk was designed to make little baby cows into monster heffers as fast as possible.  The thing is there is one thing my tummy always gets along with and that is milk so it is my go to breakfast drink as morning is the time my stomach is its most grumbly!  Anyway don’t let me waste your day gabbing about my various ailments.  It’s sunny here are the air is fresh so when you can get outside today and enjoy.

Today I am bringing to you the best of Fitboggin 12.  I didn’t attend as I am new to this blogging thing and I don’t usually know what’s going on until it is over.  Kind of like air shows.  You never find out there is one until some massive bomber buzzes by your house.  I guess they don’t buzz more of a rumble!

Here is a write up of what happened at the “When you Have a Lot to Lose” talk.  I am addicted to people’s success stories and struggles so I enjoyed this article.

There was a great group participation talk on Self Acceptance.  The hosts passed out questionnaires and have filled out their own and provided it as a pdf.  I recommend reading the PDF file.

Finally there was a talk about Nutrition for Maximum Performance I confess I have not read it yet.  You would think I would check it out and make sure I was giving you a quality product, but the cat wantS TO PLAY AND HE is hitting all the buttons on my computer so I need to go.

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