Monday not Moanday!

Cartoon in green of witch flying over a creepy castle with a full moon backdrop

Flying to the gym!

So hopefully I am feeling pretty good about myself this morning.  I am in the pool swimming and getting splashed in the face!  Hmmm!

I’m not going to moan this morning mostly because that usually involves me providing you with a Link Storm and I have nothing!  I have a bunch of half finished articles, lots of great pictures and no links. Cyberspace is letting me down!

Well we did have our first frost this weekend and that can mean only one thing.  Time to decorate for Halloween!  Uhm for everybody else!  I need to do some shopping my old decorations are past their prime and my lights don’t work anymore.

Oh and kids it really sucks when I buy you $100 worth of gummy bears which I hate and you don’t show up.  That stuff is hard as a rock if you try to save it for the next year.  I’ve tried!  What is the deal with being over-run one year and then no takers the next?

The gummy bear trick is how I maintain my figure and prevent canker sores during Halloween.  Remember when you were a kid and you ate most of your candy in one night and your tongue was a mess.  I’m still that kid!

Whoops!  Back on topic!  I have nothing for you but here is a cool Halloween picture to distract you!!  Hey I gave you a tip!  Buy yucky candy for Halloween!!  Your welcome!

UPDATE:  Never suggest that Monday is not a Moanday because you will unleash forces you can not understand and you will get a delivery of many moans!  Yeah it’s Wednesday morning and I have caused two programs to fail, I lost a bunch of data, the power went out in my office when I was trying desperately to catch up and I electrocuted myself.  Is that all?  Probably not!  I am so loopy right now I have probably forgotten a few tragedies!  Time for a walk around the block to clear my head and scrape off any singed bits.  Seriously, I’m just fine just overly dramatic and somebody is going to listen to my tails of woe damn it!


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