Moanday Link Storm Aug. 27 2012


OH WOW I need coffee bad!!  The transition from weekend to work week was tough this morning.  Doesn’t help that is one of those rainy drainy days designed for hiding under the covers with a smutty book.

How about some time waster tools that will tell you how your doin’ this morning?

Here are a pile of fun tools to try out!



Discover Health games. Assess how you are doing with these surveys. (CLICK HERE)

Self magazines calculator programs (CLICK HERE)

What is your real age based on lifestyle? (CLICK HERE)

How does your weight compare to people in the World and in your own country? (CLICK HERE)

(I’m bigger than 100% of the woman in Canada BWAH HA HA HA so don’t mess with me or I’ll sit on you!)



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