Laziness and Lack of Organization … Gulp!

Hopefully these two heroes can rescue my mojo from Jack Frost.

Hopefully these two heroes can rescue my mojo from Jack Frost.

OK Dudes and Dudettes!  No more moping around crying about the spring that never happened.  I know I lost my blogging and well, confession time, also my fitness mojo there for a while.  No more!  It’s time to brush the snow off my garden gnomes and power-wash the cobwebs off my house and reinvent myself again.  What is my most pressing issue right now?  Laziness and lack of organization.

So it is time to spring clean but, not how I tried to do it a couple weeks ago.  Gung Ho hit the worst stuff first.  Throw out my back, get sick and get nothing done.  This spring we are going to nibble away at the problem in small bites and we are going to let the pros do the heavy lifting.  We are starting with the easily solved problem of “Wow I have a lot of black pants yet I can’t find my black pants” problem.  How many black pants do you need?  I think 3 to 4 dress pants, 2 evening and maybe a grab bag of assorted weekend pants that have no holes.  The rest can be boxed if they fit awaiting the destruction through misadventure of any pants that are in circulation.  If it doesn’t fit … Bye-bye!

First we dig out the garden gnomes.

First we dig out the garden gnomes.

Next problem.  I don’t wear dresses in the winter because I don’t like nylons so how come I have winter dresses? Duh!  Why do I have nylons? How come I have sitting only high heels?  The bizarre thing is I hate to shop so where did all the crud come from?  Luckily there is a clothing donation box near my house.


Laziness and Lack of Organization … Gulp! — 9 Comments

  1. haha. Both pics made me giggle. You have these problems that need fixin’, but you are SO upbeat about solving them. That’s what it’s all about, girlfriend. Carry on now…

  2. Definitely time for a spring clean over here…..I keep procrastinating though because it seems to take FOREVER. Will be worth it when it’s all done though 🙂

  3. Oh man, I can relate. Spring Cleaning involves DECISIONS, and I suck at those. Moving twice a year, you’d think I’d have developed a calmer attitude about sorting through things, but it fills me with dread. thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Spring is a great time to get it done!!

    Black is my favorite color!

    I once met an adorable bright five year old girl who told me that black was her favorite color also.

    I think that is unusual for someone that young.

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