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I have to say I love a good tool!  Not the latest 12-in-1 wrench, knife, corkscrew … tool although I love that kind as well.  No I’m not talking about THAT guy at work either.  I mean an idea that can make it a bit easier to get things done.

When I first started changing my life and going to the gym.  I used a tool.  I called it “Just One Thing”.  You see it is easier for me to deal with challenges if I simplify it.  Each day I told myself that I had to do “Just One Thing”.  Is the suspense killing you yet?

Every day the only thing I had to do was be on my bus first thing in the morning.  Don’t give up on me!  There is an explanation.

As long as I was on my bus, I could do what I wanted after that.  Of course my bus leaves at 4:35AM.  There really are not that many places I would want to go at that time other than my destination, the gym.  Once I got to the gym, there isn’t a lot to do but, exercise.  After I have exercised I am really not that interested in eating junk.  My next stop after that is to go to work.

By just doing one thing, I put myself on a schedule where each thing I should do next is the easiest thing to do, simple!

Now, before you start thinking I am a genius nut saint, I have been breaking my rule lately.  It seems I need a new tool.  As you may be aware I have a recliner problem (story for another time, I sleep in the recliner).

Havva (Research Goddess and Pull-up Worshipper!) was talking to me today about my spotty attendance record.  We agreed that if you fail to show up once it is easier to pull a no-show twice.  Equal and opposite (that’s right I know Newton’s laws of motion, I just don’t feel like quoting them right now or later) is the rule that if you show up once it is easier to show up twice!

So now I am going to go forward with my “Just Two Things” Rule!

Anybody else have a mantra, tool or trick to share?


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  1. One of my favorite mantras is short and simple: “Eat less, move more”. I take no credit for this – it was somebody’s signature in an on-line forum.

    • UGH!! Short and sweet, to the point and difficult to hear! This Fat Chick body has a pile of aches and pains and doesn’t want to move but I sure would like to sit around eating and feeling sorry for myself. I like to think about the saying that “Sucessful people get that way by doing what the rest of us don’t want to”. I’m trying hard to live up to that!

  2. Not a mantra nor a trick or a tool, I use images and concepts,I look over my left shoulder and see not too far back the 100lbs I lost trying to make its way back onto my body, I keep on moving to make sure it doesn’t catch up with me.

    • I have had some success with visualization. I should think about how I can expand on that.
      I imagine that all chocolate tastes like chocolate ex-lax. I don’t know if it still tastes like this I haven’t had it since I was a teenager but it has a sulpher smell and after taste that I can easily bring to mind.
      Maybe I should imagine your 100 Lbs chasing me. The 100 Lbs I lost just sits on the couch and waits for me to come to it.

    • Brokenwing, what you write is interesting,however for me it is the other way around, for me it starts in the mind and the body follows

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