I Need Energy NOW!!!

How Many Steps After This?

I have been tired the last few months and it has been hard to put a good effort into my workouts.  Quite frankly I have been just coming in and hoping the energy is there or it will show up at some point.  There is no mystery about why I am messed up.  My sleep pattern is off and I am trying to lose weight and therefore am eating fewer calories.  In the past I have often felt more energized with fewer calories actually I have often felt that way with less sleep.  Yep I know I’m weird!

So what can I do to recharge and become more alert right now this minute so that I can put in a good showing?

Take a Walk Around the Block

I find just changing what I am doing for a minute plus getting some fresh air and working the kinks out by getting some exercise can revive me particularly when I am at the office were the air has passed through a few floors before it gets to my office.  It’s sad when standing on the sidewalk beside a traffic jam suck back exhaust is reviving compared to breathing indoor air.  There really should be a law regarding indoor air quality.

Drink Some Tea

I am a coffee drinker and I do find it can get the brain started in the morning.  I also find it keeps me up at night if I have it after noon.  I can also get a little hyperactive and careless if I have too much.  I use tea to settle me down and quiet my thoughts.  I have a little ritual were I clear my mind while drinking my tea that is very restorative.


I have not tried this in the office but maybe I should.  I home aromatherapy is mostly about covering up the smell of dinner or a hot summer garbage day.  I do find citrus smells wake me up they also make me think about cleaning.  Actually that pine fresh smell of some detergents wakes me up as well.  I wouldn’t want to smell that all day.

Vitamin D

I take Vitamin D supplements even though I don’t take any other supplements.  I do find I don’t get the blahs as much with the extra Vitamin D.  I did skip by an article that said Vitamin D can be bad for your heart if you take too much, so check out what a safe dosage is for you before you try this.

Take Belly Breaths

When I person is stressed they tend to take short shallow breaths which gives them less air making them tired.  You should take a break and take deep breaths to the point that your belly rounds.  It also helps to have a calming picture in your head such as a pool of water or in my case a shady tree while breathing.  Once your blood is oxygenated you will have more energy and much less anxiety which just makes everything a little better.

Wear a Power Outfit

If you are having a blah morning change into a power suit or at least convince yourself that you are a super hero when you wear your matching purple gym wear.  This will give you the boost you need to conquer your workout or your day full of meetings.  I lie!  No suit can stand up to a day full of meetings!

Cut back on Evening TV and Computer time

The light from your computer and TV fools your body into suppressing melatonin production.  Melatonin is a hormone that tells your body it is time to sleep.  This is why you see people taking melatoninsupplements before bed.  Yeah, I’m not happy about this one either!

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