It Ain’t High School Gym Class


At one time you were a 17 year old high school geek praying it wasn’t going to be square dancing day or yoga day or gymnastics day in gym class.  You hoped you were not picked last for team sports and that you were invisible when changing in the locker room.  Most people had the same experience in gym class.  There was something you were not good at and the potential for embarrassing debacles was high.

That’s right you have spent years erasing that 17 year old twit from your memory.  You’re a responsible adult that others look to for guidance.  You don’t stammer and stutter your way through a meeting.  You are clear, concise and effective.  So how come that 17 year old is the one making your decisions about fitness?  I can’t join a health club! I won’t fit in!  I won’t know what to do!  People will look at me and laugh behind my back!


Give the health club a try.  They all have trial memberships.  If you don’t like it, you tried out the wrong club.  Try again!  They are not all the same.  It might just turn out that you are an athlete after all!  I really can’t think of anyone at my club that isn’t an athlete.  Maybe all the non-athletes are invisible.

Gee, I hope somebody reads this that doesn’t already belong to a gym.  Otherwise I have just been blowing hot air for nothing!!!  How embarrassing!!

So what horrors do you guys remember about High School gym?

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