Genetically Modified Corn

Genetically Modified corn or GM corn or Round Up Ready corn was in the news this week.  A French study using 200 albino Sprague-Dawley rats that ate GM corn was just released which suggested that eating Monsanto’s GM corn causes cancerous tumors.

“Six groups – three male and three female – were fed Monsanto GM maize with Roundup weed killer consisting of 11 percent of their diet, 22 percent or 33 percent. Six other groups were given Monsanto GM maize in the same percentage amounts, but had no Roundup sprayed on them. Another six groups were given Roundup weed killer in their water similar to the levels found in U.S. tap water. The remaining two groups acted as control groups and were fed non-genetically modified maize and water without Roundup weed killer.”

Why you ask were the rats fed Round Up weed killer?  That is the beauty of this GM corn.  You can spray a field of it with the weed killer and everything will die except the corn.  Farmers pay Monsanto Chemical a higher price for this corn and then they spray it with the herbicide and it flourishes causing much larger yields from each field.

This French study has come under some criticism for its methodology so the results will require investigation.

Just Adding That Extra Something Special!

Where I have a problem with this is that GM corn is already on the market in Canada and the United States generally as filler in processed food and feed.  All that was required to gain Health Canada approval to feed this GM corn to the animals we eat and directly to humans was a 90 day rat feeding trial by Monsanto.  No full lifespan tests were required to be performed on the rats before it was OK to feed GM corn and weed killer to Canadians.  This French study is apparently the first full lifespan study.  Is Health Canada only concerned with poisons being served on our tables that will kill us outright?  Long term effects are somebody else’s problem?  I really hope I have my information wrong because otherwise Health Canada is the blind man at the wheel of this bus and I want off!

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