CIBC Run for the Cure in Toronto

Counting the Days ’til I Break Out!

Well on Sunday September 30th I will be running walking limping at the CIBC Run for the Cure in Toronto.  I will be attempting the 5K walk with team Morning Maniacs.  Right now I can walk 3K on a good day so I have some work ahead of me.  The Maniacs assure me that it isn’t a big deal if I quit at 3K but I am not built like that.  I have been on a few death marches as I like to call them.  So I know I won’t stop until the end.  As a precaution I think I will bring a cane with me.

I am perfectly fit to walk 15K even with Achilles Tendonitis except I tore a ligament in my knee in November and although it is healed it is a real problem in wet weather and it is unpredictable the rest of the time.  What I really need rather than training to increase my endurance is I need to learn to walk properly so I stop hurting myself!  My trainer has some ideas about that but he may have given up by now with trying to get me to follow direction when he is not around.

So tonight I will suck in the gut, pelvic tilt, no limping, be as tall as possible and no kicking my feet out ahead of me and take myself for a walk.  I have 25 days to pull off a miracle! Bah, plenty of time!

Here is the link for the Run for the Cure (Click Here)


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