Chicken Feces Soup

I know what you’re thinking.  This title is not another case of my poor spelling or my latest effort to try cooking.  As If!!!! Sheesh!  No, this is an attack of the Evil Veganators, members of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), the Greenaholics.  Yep, their diabolical plan is to make the thought of eating chicken … well you know … Uhmmm … Really bad!!  Bad!! BAD!!

OK, I had my fun, now the warning.

WARNING:  If you plan to continue eating chicken ever again or you have a weak stomach or are eating a chicken finger right now, STOP!!!!!  Do not read this article!  It is disgusting!!

So, I was reading The Huffington Post Health section and I come upon the article “There’s Poop in Our Chicken Meat!” By Kathy Freston. I think yeah, yeah wash you chicken well and cook it through and there is no problem.  I am well aware that there will be chicken poop around and some of it will have E. Coli and it will get on the meat.  It sucks but I can deal with that.  Oh no, seems I am naive.  Here it is from the article;

“Chickens are very absorbent animals. When you put them into the water bath to chill them, they gain a little weight. Since chicken is sold by the pound, over a period of time it’s a substantial financial difference to the company. The average broiler is about four pounds. If you can add a quarter of a pound or an eighth of a pound in water pick-up, that’s very important to the economics of the industry. This “water” that Ms. Foreman was referring to is the chill bath they go into after eviscerated. It is sometimes referred to as “fecal soup.”

KF: So, in layman’s terms, the chickens are dipped in water that is full of poop? And the poop is in the water because when the chickens are disembowelled, it lands in the very water that’s supposed to clean them? And that poopy water is absorbed into their flesh?

So the chicken I eat is 3 to 6 % contaminated water that has absorbed throughout the meat.  No washing it off.  BLAHHHHhhhhh!!!!!!!

If you would like to read about this or other interesting topics like what else is in your chicken please check out these links.

Original Article

48% of Chicken in Small Sample Has E. Coli

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