For only $100 I am willing to make a stickman potrait just for you!  ACT NOW!

For only $100 I am willing to make a stickman potrait just for you! ACT NOW!

Yesterday I was annoyed as I often am in general.  I was attempting the front crawl in the pool and unfortunately at my weight I am just too buoyant.  I can feel that my butt is out of the water ‘cause there is just that much junk in the trunk.  My back is arched too much because my breasts want to head for the surface as well.
When I do the back crawl all is fine.  My body is supported low in the water by my inner-tube butt and the chest is no longer an issue.  Unfortunately you can’t zone out doing back crawl or you will hit the wall so that workout becomes boring fast.
Last night I was thinking about how much weight I would need to lose to fix this problem.  I was thinking maybe 30 Lbs so basically a cement cinder block.  If I can float with a cinder block on my stomach then yes I need to lose at least 30 Lbs.  Then I realized that cement is denser than fat and muscle but possibly not as dense as Cindy.  What I need is 30 Lbs of meat to test with!  I also need the weight to be around my hips.  Well nobody is going to let me in their pool with 30 Lbs of meat stuffed in my bathing suit and now I have increased my mass.  How to compensate for the increased mass.  Bah!  I’m just going to have to lose the weight to figure this one out.
And that is why I have insomnia!!!!!

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  1. That cracked me up–I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s mind goes Very Weird in the middle of the night. “Well nobody is going to let me in their pool with 30 Lbs of meat stuffed in my bathing suit” seems like totally something I would ponder.

    • Yeah. Uhm. That “Very Weird” place is where I live day to day.
      I just know there is a solution to this problem (of buoyancy not weirdness) and I just need Havva my Head of Research working on the problem. Fortunately or unfortunately she is also the Canadian Goddess of Fitness & Nutrition so I suspect I know the answer already.

      • Cindy, if I had my own pool I would let you swim in it with 30lbs of meat stuffed in your bathing suit any time. I am the Goddess of Obsessiveness, not so much nutrition and fitness

        • Such a good friend!! She often gives me the good lane in the pool and now she is willing to let me pollute her imaginary pool.

  2. I so wished that you had time to post more often!! I love when you do have a post!!! I don’t swim so I can’t help out with the density issues but I do like those stick figures. I think it would be fun to have them instead of one more picture of me showing an exercise!!!

    • I think time is an issue but if I had schedule for putting posts together that would help as well.
      On the other hand I am often goofing around just having my own fun writing this stuff so why add rules.

  3. just as an FYI…after I lost my 100lbs my swimming speed decreased, all that fat helped me float, now I have muscles and my body sinks like a rock and I have to swim/stroke faster, use my legs differently so that they don’t cause resistance and friction and slow me down,, I still don’t swim as fast as when I was heavier, still more work to do

    • So we start with meat stuffed in my suit and then gradually replace them with air bags as I lose weight. Got It! Hopefully no slow leaks from my butt air bag ’cause you know what that will look like.

    • I’m not going to tie the meat to me. People would notice that. If I stuff it down my bathing suit and then give anybody that says I look bigger some attitude I could pull this off. I’m not going to do it, but I could.

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