BroccoliI was reading Huffington Post today online ‘cause it’s free and has about half the news I am usually looking for. They have an article that says that broccoli tea can prevent damage from environmental pollution. It is particularly good at cleaning benzene out of your body.

The journal, Cancer Prevention Research, reports a study from China where half of 291 participants that were exposed on a regular basis to air pollution were given broccoli tea. Analysis of their urine showed that unlike the placebo group they flushed significant quantities of benzene and acrolein. Crotonaldehyde was also tested for and the broccoli tea had no flushing effect on that compound.

So … How do you make Broccoli tea? Do I dehydrate the broccoli and then steep in in boiling water or can I boil my broccoli and eat it and then drink the water. (Side Note: The only reason to cook broccoli is so you can pour some melted cheese on it). Can’t I just eat my raw broccoli and some water and not boil out any nutrients and still get the effect?

TeaThis shows you why I find food and nutrition information difficult. I get some helpful information, but I have questions. When I try to find answers I get science speak and my head explodes or I get opinion which I don’t necessarily trust. When I find that some food, for example, fits into my life I want to use it in the best way that works for me. For the most part I’m going to do what I want in the end but I would like to have a clear picture of what I am doing to myself.

That reminds me. I have heard about skim milk having some chemical in it to make it white and I looked at my carton this morning and sure enough it had more than one ingredient listed on the side. I don’t want white paint in my milk. I should know that it is there. The front of the carton should say “Milk ‘n Paint”. Yeah I know milk is for baby cows that want to put on a ton of weight fast. I grew up with milk. It is a comfort food and it is one of the few things that will settle my stomach so I drink 100ml every day. 50 years of drinking the stuff and I had no idea. So annoying!


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  1. Did you know that we are the only species to drink milk beyond childhood and the only species to drink another species milk??? Just something to think about when you’re knocking back your 100ml per day.

    • We are also the only species to bake and eat apple pie and who have been to space. I’m OK with being smarter than other species!

    • Gee! You mean I could have just stolen this story from your site and I would have had the convenient recipe already. Hmmm! New way to create content. Read Crabby content from 2007 and just update. Note: Reuse any good jokes!

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