Boredom: The Hallmark of Success

Bad things happen when I get bored!

Bad things happen when I get bored!

So, today I was reading an article about anxiety on the internet written by some doctor. For all I know he could have a doctorate in basket weaving. I didn’t check. Anyway it was the usual thing where they describe your situation perfectly and tell you there is an easy cure and even though other experts have said do this or that, they have a better way. As soon as you see the word easy your thinking “How much money do you want?”. Next the article goes off on a tangent giving you examples and background information and then back to the message that they have the cure. Your eyes are starting to glaze over at this point and you’re ready to give up. Just give me the punch line or tell me what you really want. Stop wasting my time. This article did something different that made me laugh.




First, I was told that if I was feeling skeptical that was a good sign and I was very wise and healthy. After further blather the article suggested I may be experiencing sudden sleepiness, sadness or boredom and that this was also good as I was having a somatic response to the article which meant I was identifying with elements of the article and my full recovery was just around the corner. I didn’t read any farther. I presume I would next be told I would feel an urge to leave the page and that meant I was brilliant and even easier to fix.
I love it you bore me into a coma and then tell me the boredom is evidence that your article is reaching me. That is a new one for me!


Boredom: The Hallmark of Success — 7 Comments

    • I assume that the longer you can keep people on your web page the higher your Google score is. The article also instructed you at the the beginning that the way to read it and get the most benefit was to finish the article then click on each link and read those articles.

  1. That’s pretty funny, I may have to steal some of those tricks! I definitely have figured out the “boring” part, now I just have to convince people that’s a good thing to feel when they read my blog!

    • Sorry Crabby you are not even close to this guys talent for boring and yet I bookmarked his page for later reading.

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