Blue Monday

Those lbs will never find me if I hide in this blog.

Those lbs will never find me if I hide in this blog.

So today is known as “Blue Monday” the most depressing day of the year for people living in the northern hemisphere.  This is the day that the accumulated effects of months of extra night plus holiday debt plus failure on resolutions results in the blues.  Well I have to say that on Friday when I discovered there were racoons in my attic I was feeling pretty blue.  I had my usual reaction of that’s it I’m moving.  I can’t take this!  I don’t have time for this!  All is lost!  I need to start dialing back the drama!

The raccoons were having a party and kept me up much of the night.  I called pest control and they patched up the hole in my soffit and put out traps.  Apparently I will know and so will all my neighbours once we catch one of these guys.  Hmm Great!  You know it will happen at 2AM.  So far no caged critters.  These are city racoons they may know what’s what with the traps.

Cats rule!  Racoons ...  SUCK!

Cats rule! Racoons … SUCK!

Anyway I felt better today after I talked to a few friends who all had raccoon stories far worse than anything I could imagine.  It is interesting how a bad situation seems much more manageable when others have survived it.  I am feeling much the same about Blue Monday.  We all have to deal with the winter blues and racoons and goals not met but we’re in it together so everything will be just fine.  Also I lost 2 Lbs that I’m not sure I earned so thanks scale that lies.  I knew if I stood on it enough times it would tell me what I wanted eventually.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your raccoon problems. If it makes you feel any better I used to have an awful mouse problem and today at work some called me about nuissance wild turkeys…if the traps don’t work try coyote urine – seriously, you can buy the stuff.

    • What about tiger or lion pee? No dragon pee!!!!
      Actually I used to know someone who would have lion pee. We called him Ron Revolta for his dancing style but he is also an insane hunter who’s favourite prank is to put his hat on you because he has deer pee on it.

  2. We have been hosting a family of Racoons under our Sunroom for some years now. Given our very large deck, the Wildlife Guy said that we would have to take the fence down and bury steel mesh all the way around to keep them out. Done my research and it is true. Too expensive this year so wait until 2013 summer.
    One way to make them unhappy though is to put a radio blaring away in their hearing. Like when you are at work. We did that and they left. They are back again and have won this round.
    Problem is that they are so accustomed to Vivaldi that we are considering extra tickets to our next Taffle music concert.
    Face it Cindy, you have met superior beings!

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