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BlahI haven’t written for a while. I’m tired! I’m cranky! I’m bored! I want somebody else to make it all better. I don’t want to do this and I don’t want to do that and I don’t want to eat anything healthy. I’m having a full on temper tantrum so I am going to sit and stew about it.

OK it isn’t really all that bad. It’s just the fall is my time of the year when I feel my best and I haven’t been feeling my best and I don’t want to take responsibility for it yet. I would rather blame it all on the construction next door (12 hours a day, 7 days a week and their generator running slobs that drove a cement truck back and forth over my lawn and they put the porta-potty under my bedroom window so I smell it.) Also I hurt my back showing off. Usually when things go bad I figure they are unlikely to get worse so I get a little happy. This time I am just wallowing in the sh*t or at least smelling it (OK, I made them move the pooper).

I'm grateful that we had a pink party and I Photoshopped this wig on to a picture of my trainer

I’m grateful that we had a pink party and I Photoshopped this wig on to a picture of my trainer

Yeah I’m not done complaining! I thought I was but, NOPE! I have lost my entire summer. No, sitting in the backyard which is filled with blowing dust and white stucco snow (I can imagine my gutters on the roof are full). No BBQs beside the sputtering generator. Basically weekends you have to run away from home or wear noise cancelling headphones all day. OK!!! ENOUGH!!! No more complaining! It doesn’t get me anyplace good. Time to reclaim my favorite time of the year. Time to take care of my back. Time to get my own work done on my house since we are making messes anyways. Time to stop medicating myself into a stupor with chocolate (no wonder I’ve been tired, cranky and lazy). Ugh! Now I have a headache! I may not be done with my tantrum just yet!

This is when I’m supposed to be writing down all the things I’m grateful for isn’t it?  Better make it an extra long list today and no cheating and looking at the stuff I’ve said before.


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  1. There is just nothing so satisfying and therapeutic as a good old tantrum! Point is to amp up the volume and give it 150% or more. There comes a point where you just say “that’s all of it”.
    Next, start writing about gratitude.
    Item #1. People care about me…….
    Joyce recently posted…Metaphors for Living: Water and FlowMy Profile

    • People care about me! They do don’t they!! Long pause to soak that in!! That is really cool and definitely belongs at number 1!! Thanks Joyce for caring!! You’re the best!!

    • Thanks Crabby!!
      My birthday today so I took a vacation day. 7AM the contractor next door is on my roof! My roof!!! MINE!!!!!
      On the upside they got power today so no more 12 hour a day gas generator noise!!

  2. COMPLAIN AWAY!!!!! HA HA HA AH!!!! By all means, this is YOUR BLOG – you can complain as much as you want, and when you complain it’s actually funny, so it’s even better 😉 I hate the construction next door to your house, that would drive me absolutely BONKERS!!! I would get a bb gun or a paint ball gun and SHOOT PEOPLE ALL DAY LONG! LOL!!!!! Wait, no, I did not give you that idea 😉
    GiGi Eats recently posted…Good Mood Food: We Could All Use SomeMy Profile

    • Every time I think I have it out of my system and I am done having my tantrum I start up again.
      I like the paintball idea and hey not my fault you come on my property you take your chances.
      I really want to paint a rainbow on the side of the new house. Right now it looks like a big featureless billboard sitting beside my cute little house. This new house is mega and square and featureless. Good for a modern downtown look, not so good in the land of 100 year old little bungalows.

  3. Hurt yourself showing? I can definitely relate. I almost fell into a mud pit yesterday try to show off playing soccer. Thank God my older son grabbed my hand. Otherwise there would be muddy footprints, due to hurt ego, all over this comment right now. I hope your week is epic.
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  4. Cindy,
    I have been absent from the Y so I can’t see how you are doing with my own eyes. If you are still feeling really negative, let’s get together and chat? We can do that no matter how you are feeling. Happy new year. Let me know?

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