Yesterday I was annoyed as I often am in general.  I was attempting the front crawl in the pool and unfortunately at my weight I am just too buoyant.  I can feel that my butt is out of the water ‘cause there is just that much junk in the trunk.  My back is arched too much because my breasts want to head for the surface as well. When I do the back crawl all is fine.  My body is supported low in the water by my inner-tube butt and the chest is no longer an issue.  Unfortunately you can’t zone out doing back crawl or you will hit the wall so that workout becomes boring fast.

The April Fool!

I really need this winter thing to be over. I know other people have said it but I am just putting the exclamation point on that sentence. I am feeling a little lost right now as The MEGA MEGA Mega-thon thon thon is over and Havva “The Canadian Goddess” won the rowing race. Diane “The Pink Wonder Woman” raised the most money so they both received plastic trophies although I noticed Diane’s looked a little busted. They will punish me if I don’t mention that they raised over $11,000. I participated in the Mega-CycleFit and the Mega-AquaFit and now I have Mega- sore joints. Well truthfully just my right butt cheek hurts today. I must limp or something because I always get a pain there when I do too much.

Canadian Goddess vs Pink Wonder Woman for a Good Cause!

The YMCAs of the Greater Toronto area will be having a Megathon February 24th to March 1st.  They will be raising money to “help give more children, teens and adults the chance to learn to swim, find work, stay healthy, play basketball and just have fun!”  I plan to participate in 3 hours of AquaFit on March 1st myself.  Some other people are doing insane contests of endurance including some friends of mine. Estelle Havva otherwise known as “The Canadian Goddess” will be challenging Dianne “The Pink Wonder Woman” Mowat to a Rowing Machine Distance Race.  Estelle has been mentioned a few times on this site as my head of research and she often gives me the good lane in the pool so I am throwing my support behind her in this contest.  Also she won last year!! Estelle is not only looking to row farther than Dianne she is also working hard to raise as much money as possible, in memory of Erin McBride, a friend and supporter of the Strong Kids Campaign at the YMCA. Please visit Estelle’s fundraising page and make a donation!  


OK, so here is the dilemma.  I want to go snowshoeing in the woods but I don’t own a car and I don’t want to go to the expense of renting one.  My hiking club rents a bus every week and goes cross country skiing and snowshoeing and I can go as well for a little over $20.  OK! OK! I’m not going this week because you know “polar vortex”, -40C wind chill and 80 Km wind gusts.  My goal for this week is just to not fall on the icy sidewalks.