New Schedule

I’m two weeks into my new schedule of working Noon to 8PM and swimming 2 hours a day.  So far it hasn’t been too difficult.  My legs are often sore and I had a persistent cramp in my right butt cheek.  That was kind of embarrassing!  I would walk along like a normal person and then get one of my cramps and start groaning like I was possessed while dancing around like there was a mouse in my pants. This schedule has done a good job of cutting out any late night snacking.  Nothing convenient is open by the time I get home and I just want to go to bed anyways.  I can find the weekends difficult mainly because I don’t usually plan ahead what I am going to do and eat.  I haven’t gone off the rails but it has been a struggle.


Hey there! I have decided to deal with my backlog of half-finished blog postings.  Ugh!  Most of these articles just spin around all over the place never getting anywhere.  Others have a good idea but I just don’t seem to be able to get the entirety of the idea out of my head and stuck onto a page in some sort of coherent manner.  Hmm I was about to say I should have paid attention in English class but, I don’t remember ever being taught how to write.  I remember being taught how to write different types of poetry and learning the parts of an essay.  Oh right I probably wasn’t paying attention and that’s why I don’t remember.  Yeah, all I cared about was if there was an assignment and how many words did they want.

New Lifestyle

Today I began my new lifestyle of decadent, relaxed living.  I hope!  NO!  I know!!!!  New Lifestyle.  It sounds like a new magazine with me in my lazy-boy on the cover. When I decided that going back to swimming more often was the key to getting results with my fitness and stress I also decided to put in a request at work to switch my hours to Noon to 8PM and they said yes.  I know I was shocked as well.  I mean I don’t mess around too much but I didn’t know if the decision makers knew that.  Of course I started this experiment right after we had a time change so my body is going to figure I am working from 1PM to 9PM.  I’ll will likely be a complete zombie by the last hour.