Spinach Smoothie Review

  So I may have mentioned that I let some gal measure me at the gym and she is going to do it again in 6 weeks so I am trying to smarten up and fly right now. Today I decided to try the Booster Juice “Spinach Is In It” smoothie ‘cause I am looking for things I can pick up to eat when I am in a bind and have nothing at the office. This is a prime time for me to binge on chocolate. I bought the 710ml size because I do that. I always order more than I can handle. Hey, I am only trying to deal with one of my issues at any moment. I’m eating some vegetables and my mom is nowhere near me waving a fork in my face! It’s a miracle!

Happiness Is…

This Fat Chick gal sure is arrogant!  She disappears of the blog-o-sphere for a month and then comes back and thinks she can define happiness for everybody.  No I am not back from vacation or some other amazing experience I have actually been just mopping along spending too much time at work and not enough time on myself.  In fact in the spirit of being a mopey, grouchy pants I’m not going to share the ultimate secret of happiness, but I will tell you what made me happy today!  Coyote piss!


So I’m eating chocolate.  Why? Duh it’s there and it’s yummy!  Well Ok here is the thing.  I got rained on on the way to work and my hair has frizzed out.  You may recall Rosanna Rosanna-Danna! I am cold and I left my jacket at home and the jacket hanging in my office doesn’t go with this outfit and it’s gloomy out and …  So I picked up some milk chocolate with hazelnuts.  Not a “snack-size”, “family-size”. You know I restarted my healthy lifestyle yesterday.  I let the gal at the gym measure me and everything.  She was kind enough not to yell out any of the numbers.