I am having a really good day today!  Hmmm how can that be?  I worked all weekend and today recreating a project my computer corrupted missing out on some great weather.  I am punchy from too much coffee and not enough sleep.  Naturally my boss decided he really didn’t need a third of the data I knocked myself out creating over the weekend.  Still I am having a great day!  You know why?  I did more than I thought I would.  I did something extra.  Even though I was tired I made the extra trip and got the cat I have been growling at lately the good cat food.  I felt pretty good about myself.  So I ripped up those cardboard boxes that wouldn’t fit in the recycling and stuffed them in the bin.  Yep I’m good!

Fat People

Ok so I have decided to tackle one of those topics that I just don’t really feel fully prepared for.  Of course my computer wants to misbehave and ding at me instead of record my brilliant observations. I figure if I am going to put myself out there on the internet and talk about being fat I have to expect that people are going to think I speak for fat people in general.  Umm No I speak for me!  I can only guess what other fat people think, do or know, just like you.  I also get a little irritated when somebody gets up on their soap box and says I speak for fat people or women or any other group that I belong to.  Yeah I get it!  If we are all speaking for ourselves to the world what you get is noise and no clear message. So here goes, this is what I believe about fat people.  I believe that everybody has the right to respect and equal opportunities.

Monday not Moanday!

So hopefully I am feeling pretty good about myself this morning.  I am in the pool swimming and getting splashed in the face!  Hmmm! I’m not going to moan this morning mostly because that usually involves me providing you with a Link Storm and I have nothing!  I have a bunch of half finished articles, lots of great pictures and no links. Cyberspace is letting me down! Well we did have our first frost this weekend and that can mean only one thing.  Time to decorate for Halloween!  Uhm for everybody else!  I need to do some shopping my old decorations are past their prime and my lights don’t work anymore. Oh and kids it really sucks when I buy you $100 worth of gummy bears which I hate and you don’t show up.  That stuff is hard as a rock if you try to save it for the next year.  I’ve tried!  What is the deal with being over-run one year and then no takers the next?

Morning Mojo!

So you envy those nutty people that workout in the morning and arrive at work all chipper and ready to go.  Well I am one of those people most of the time.  Sometimes I lose my morning mojo, but I am determined to get it back.  It just makes everything else easier!! I’m working on getting myself to the pool for 5AM from now on.  I did it in the past with great success and even now when I do accomplish it I feel much better and have less pain from my injuries.  It seems I have lost some of my early morning mojo.  I Wake up on time but I don’t get up!  I bargain and make promises to myself and change my mind.

Miserable Moanday!

Bah Humbug!  I am sick with a cold.  I bought about $40 worth of fancy packages that the pharmacist recommended.  They say they will relive all my woes plus a long list of ailments I don’t have.  Hmm!  Nope not so far!  Stop working in the sore throat I don’t have and get to the dripping nose.  I have rubbed much of my nose and upper lip off from blowing.  I looked for the moisturizing wipes but they didn’t have any.  Maybe I should have picked up a box of baby wipes and used that.  Yeah, It’s true, you really don’t want to know me when I am sick!  I am a whiner! Well at least the cat is happy to see me.  He and I have been napping together since yesterday.  It’s a real lazy bones love fest here!


I was reading a post written by Christine at A Deliberate Life on F.E.A.R. (how to kick it in the @ss) and well I got an uncomfortable wake up call.  She talked about “If I had anxiety, I avoided the situation” and “I had created a safe circle from which I could scurry out, grab what would maintain a minimum existence, and then I would scurry back home.”.  Ah Oh!! I often joke that I am Gollum from The Lord of the Rings.  I drag what I need into my cave/home and guard my precious/recliner.  Just like the ring my recliner is my reward and comfort but also my prison as is my house.  I find I am very reluctant to participate in dinners and extra activities making the excuse that my hernia and food problems just make it too difficult.  I wonder how bad my hernia flair ups would really be if I dealt with my anxiety better.

Come Dine with Me Canada Update

As expected Rusty was spectacular last night on Come Dine with Me Canada!  She was clearly the star of the show.  Even when she was half passed out from exhaustion she always pulled out a great one liner!  The woman should have her own show! If you missed it last night you have another chance to see it on Sunday October 7th at 1:30PM on W Network 27.

Mooday Link Storm Oct 1 2012

Hey it’s Mooday not Moanday ‘cause I’m drinking my milk.  I know milk was designed to make little baby cows into monster heffers as fast as possible.  The thing is there is one thing my tummy always gets along with and that is milk so it is my go to breakfast drink as morning is the time my stomach is its most grumbly!  Anyway don’t let me waste your day gabbing about my various ailments.  It’s sunny here are the air is fresh so when you can get outside today and enjoy. Today I am bringing to you the best of Fitboggin 12.  I didn’t attend as I am new to this blogging thing and I don’t usually know what’s going on until it is over.  Kind of like air shows.  You never find out there is one until some massive bomber buzzes by your house.  I guess they don’t buzz more of a rumble! Here is a write up of what happened at the “When you Have a Lot to Lose” talk.  I am addicted to people’s success stories and struggles so I enjoyed this article. There was a great group participation talk on Self Acceptance.  The hosts passed … Continue reading