The Pool is Open!

Yeah!!!  You don’t appreciate something until it is gone! The pool I normally use has been closed for two weeks.  I didn’t use it as much as I should, but damn it I want the option to swim when I want to!  That’s right I want what I want when I want it!  I never claimed to be mature.  Also I hate to admit it but I missed my swimming buddy even though she splashes me in the face! But here we are a ray of sunshine to brighten my day.  The pool is opening back up early. Happy Dance!  Happy Dance! Happy Dance! I bet that water is Cold! Update:  The water was perfect.  The swim really fixed up my knee a lot and I walked 3.5 km without any complaints from it and for two days running my swim buddy did not splash me in the face!  Ah!  What a great weekend!

Myths That Won’t Die

Sorry folks I have been busy lately and have not had the time to write.  Hey, this could be a win win!  I get to slack off and you get links to articles far superior to what I would put in the time to write. Life Hacker has done a series of articles on common body, food and exercise myths debunked.  These articles are not the usual type of myths like eggs will raise your cholesterol.  No they won’t! Yes they will!  That goes on forever in the media.  These are some of the more off the wall myths. 10 Stubborn Body Myths That Just Won’t Die, Debunked by Science 10 Stubborn Food Myths That Just Won’t Die, Debunked by Science 10 More Stubborn Food Myths That Just Won’t Die, Debunked by Science 10 Stubborn Exercise Myths that Won’t Die, Debunked by Science

Moanday Link Storm Sept. 10, 2012

Ahh!  We are enjoying are first cool days leading into fall.  This is my favourite time of the year.  I am not a fan of being hot and sweaty every time I leave the house.  In the fall you can go out for a long walk and never get over-heated.  The air is generally not smelly because somebodies garbage is baking in the sun.  Where I live fall seems to be a sunny windy time of the year and I am just fine with that.  Also big plus I usually sleep well with the cooler temperatures. Sigh!  Now I see the list of links I wanted to share today and it just doesn’t fit how I feel right now.  Neither does the image I have planned for this post.  Usually I need a lot of coffee on Moanday morning.  Not this morning! Our first article is from Huffington Post’s Soul Talk series.  “Who do you hate?”  This is one of those topics of which there are many that make me realize I must be different.  I have only hated two people in my entire life.  One of those only lasted about a week before the person was forgotten.  You really … Continue reading

Positive Thinking

This morning I was not at my best working out with my trainer.  Oops! Positivity!  Uh, it wasn’t even close to being my worst workout.  My positive attitude lasted right up until the half way point when I got tired.  That’s when I started paying a lot of attention to how hard the exercises were and how much I had left to do and how hot and sweaty I was.  I began to think there was no way I could do all this and besides I didn’t want to do it and it was hard.  At that is when my stomach decided to revolt.  I have a lot of tummy troubles and it is a real barometer for what is going on in my head.  It is also a great cop out when I get negative.  Am I really feeling too green to do more or am I using it as an excuse!  Anyway at this point I stopped and took a rest but was now convinced that I could not reset and get back in the game.  Yep!  I got exactly what I expected.My trainer switched me over to my go to exercise that I am always certain I … Continue reading

CIBC Run for the Cure in Toronto

Well on Sunday September 30th I will be running walking limping at the CIBC Run for the Cure in Toronto.  I will be attempting the 5K walk with team Morning Maniacs.  Right now I can walk 3K on a good day so I have some work ahead of me.  The Maniacs assure me that it isn’t a big deal if I quit at 3K but I am not built like that.  I have been on a few death marches as I like to call them.  So I know I won’t stop until the end.  As a precaution I think I will bring a cane with me. I am perfectly fit to walk 15K even with Achilles Tendonitis except I tore a ligament in my knee in November and although it is healed it is a real problem in wet weather and it is unpredictable the rest of the time.  What I really need rather than training to increase my endurance is I need to learn to walk properly so I stop hurting myself!  My trainer has some ideas about that but he may have given up by now with trying to get me to follow direction when he is not … Continue reading

I Need Energy NOW!!!

I have been tired the last few months and it has been hard to put a good effort into my workouts.  Quite frankly I have been just coming in and hoping the energy is there or it will show up at some point.  There is no mystery about why I am messed up.  My sleep pattern is off and I am trying to lose weight and therefore am eating fewer calories.  In the past I have often felt more energized with fewer calories actually I have often felt that way with less sleep.  Yep I know I’m weird! So what can I do to recharge and become more alert right now this minute so that I can put in a good showing?

Moanday Link Storm Sept. 3 2012

Well somebody is going to get their butt kicked today.  Yep!  I’m cranky.  Today was the last swim before the pool I use is closed down for maintenance for 2 weeks and it was the worst swim I have ever had!  I was kicked.  I had some kid grab me and scare me and I had a set of oblivous people bouncing around running into people.  I just kept turning around and getting out of their way.  In the end I only swam for an hour instead of two.  Originally this rant was about a page long.  You can thank me now for erasing most of it. Anyway today we are linking only to snarky, cranky articles cause that’s the way I roll.