Minnie Mouse is Now Size 0!

Dear Disney, I am very disappointed in you. When you came out with that Habit Heros attraction at Epcot with the associated game, I figured you were just misguided.  You tried to teach children about healthy habits and you just stepped a little lot too far into shaming them.  It was a mistake to have animated fitness super heros Will Power and Callie Stenics teach villain Lead Bottom the error of his ways.  Particularly as Lead Bottom’s bouncing tummy was played for laughs and ridicule.  The idea did not go over well and was cancelled.  I thought that would be the end of it.  Disney learned its lesson. Next thing you know Disney is launching the Designer Villains limited edition dolls and make-up products.  Well look at this, obese villain Ursula from The Littlest Mermaid has lost a lot of weight.  These things happen.  OK, I wouldn’t have thought Disney would want to get burned twice interesting.

Achilles Tendonitis

I have had Achilles tendonitis for 4 years in my right heel.  4 years ago I had a fall and it didn’t seem too bad but when I drove the car my heel would ache after 20 minutes and after about an hour my leg would start to swell up.  Eventually I took it in to be checked out and it turned out I had some small tears in my Achilles. I went to rehab from hell one time and never returned.  They gave me deep tissue massage and it was agony.  The worst part was that the rehab expert masseuse sadistic @#$%^&*  hanging on to my foot refused to stop when I asked him to give me a break for a minute.  Well that was a disaster as I have issues with being controlled so I became hysterical and he still didn’t let go. JERK!

Sex – Beware the Black Widow

On August 15th when I wrote Oxytocin Could Boost Social Sensitivity I warned you this article was coming.  Hopefully I haven’t lost too many readers to this problem between then and now.  Just a minute gotta check the site stats.  Uh Oh.  I mean I warned you!  Hardly my fault if your die being irresponsible.  You would think a warning like “Sex will kill you! 100% Guaranteed” would be enough.

Gym Etiquette

It’s time for one of those almost required articles for a web site like this.  Gym Etiquette.  This one will be taught by the person most likely to break the rules.  Cindy “the slob” Fatchick!  Maybe I should have a shirt made up for myself.  Just as a warning for my unsuspecting adversaries. What you have to understand is although you may be sweating and grunting your way through your morning muscles wake up call.  For some other people a visit to the gym is more of a gentle, spiritual awakening of the senses (or so I assume).  They look at you and see a pig at the trough and you look at them and wonder who invited the Queen of England. So in an effort to provide some middle ground where we can all get along here is my take on the rules of gym etiquette.

Moanday Link Storm Aug. 27 2012

OH WOW I need coffee bad!!  The transition from weekend to work week was tough this morning.  Doesn’t help that is one of those rainy drainy days designed for hiding under the covers with a smutty book. How about some time waster tools that will tell you how your doin’ this morning? Here are a pile of fun tools to try out!     Discover Health games. Assess how you are doing with these surveys. (CLICK HERE) Self magazines calculator programs (CLICK HERE) What is your real age based on lifestyle? (CLICK HERE) How does your weight compare to people in the World and in your own country? (CLICK HERE) (I’m bigger than 100% of the woman in Canada BWAH HA HA HA so don’t mess with me or I’ll sit on you!)  

Why You Hafta Go and Make Things So Complicated?

I came in at the end of a conversation when I heard this line.  Conversation dried up after that so it must have been juicy!  Anyway, it got me thinking and not about the Avril Lavigne song! When you were a child life was simple.  You asked John if he wanted to play if he said no you went and asked Barbara or Bill until you had somebody to play with.  John was forgotten from your mind the second you walked away.  Unless of course John had a cool new bike and what you really wanted was to ride his bike.  That’s another story that ended in a bloody lip.  Which was really cool too as I recall!

When is a Calorie not a Calorie?

When is a Calorie not a Calorie? When you use the Atwater general factor system to determine how many calories are in a food product.  This is the most common method of determining calories.  Scientists at the USDA theorized that this method of measurement might not be representative for certain food groups such as nuts. So how is Atwater factor flawed?  Well it ignores the fact that some of the calories in a food may pass through a human as waste.  DOH!!

It Ain’t High School Gym Class

At one time you were a 17 year old high school geek praying it wasn’t going to be square dancing day or yoga day or gymnastics day in gym class.  You hoped you were not picked last for team sports and that you were invisible when changing in the locker room.  Most people had the same experience in gym class.  There was something you were not good at and the potential for embarrassing debacles was high. That’s right you have spent years erasing that 17 year old twit from your memory.  You’re a responsible adult that others look to for guidance.  You don’t stammer and stutter your way through a meeting.  You are clear, concise and effective.  So how come that 17 year old is the one making your decisions about fitness?  I can’t join a health club! I won’t fit in!  I won’t know what to do!  People will look at me and laugh behind my back!